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Limitless Solutions for Office Management.

With over 50 features to help you manage

employees, equipment, contracts, documents,

assets or projects, life just got a whole lot easier.

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Looking for a powerful, intuitive office management system that’s super simple to use? You found it!

Contracts & Documents

Track your contracts, customers, suppliers, and other business partners’ records, all in one place.

  • Unlimited Contract Management
  • Unlimited Reminders & Notifications
  • Unlimited Attachments & Notes

HR & Employees

Achieve perfect visibility of your hiring, firing, staff contracts, org structure, and more.

  • Employee Management Made Simple
  • Onboarding, Training & Staff Benefits
  • Team Motivation & Recognition

Asset Maintenance

Introducing limitless asset management. From watchdogs to revision reminders, you’re covered.

  • A New Approach To CMMS / EAM
  • Track Keyboards To Car Keys
  • Auto-Alerts For Expiration & Renewals

Project Planning

Working as one has never been easier. Collaborate on project tasks seamlessly.

  • Define Team Structures
  • Monitor Delivery Milestones
  • Assign Roles and Alerts

Backoffice Admin

Track everything from cars to credit cards, and passwords to printer licenses.

  • Say Goodbye to Paperwork!
  • Collaborate Like Never Before
  • Access Your Data From Anywhere!

Task Management

Stop the flood of emails. No important date or piece of information will ever escape!

  • Connect Tasks To Teams
  • Kanban System For Perfect Visibility
  • Intuitive. Powerful. Effective.

what does simplicity look like?

Painless office management solutions.

Our comprehensive platform provides outstanding features to simplify company admin and management. Fast, powerful, and accessible from anywhere, our tools transform everyday tasks into streamlined, organized, and well-defined processes.

plans & pricing

Office management software is absolutely free for 30 days. No credit card is required.

From 100% free to fully customized enterprise-level solutions.
Flexible plans for every need, and every budget.


$ 0

1 User

100 MB of Storage



$ 6

Up to 10 Users
2 GB of Storage
Email Support


$ 11

Up to 300 Users

10 GB of Storage

Intranet for 10 users

Extranet for 10 users

priority email support



Any Number Of Users
100 GB of Storage
Intranet for 10 users
Extranet for 10 users
priority email support
private environment
personal support

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Say Adios To Your Archaic Admin

Wherever you are, whatever detail you need, it’s at your fingertips instantly. Back Office management has never been so advanced.

Track Key Milestones

Add Unlimited Notifications

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Manage & Assign Assets

Define Employee Benefits

Group Teams & Depts

Monitor IT Equipment

Unlimited Attachments

Configure Reminders & Alerts

Access From Anywhere

Store Access Rights & Codes

View Organization Structure

Ready to get started? Have questions?

Time to remove the tedium of office work and mulch the mountains of paperwork. Take the first step to a more productive way of working today.

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